Mission Trips

Do you think God sees you?

It seems to me that one thing we all want is to be seen. And not just seen, but really noticed. Deep down inside, we equate being seen to being valued. Valued for our ideas, our contributions, our passions, and most of all, valued for just being the person we are now, at this very minute.  I have traveled a large portion of…
Cindy Lundy
March 16, 2020
Mission Trip Testimony worksheetMission Trips

Sharing your Mission Trip Testimony

At the bottom, there is a free download for working on  your testimony from your mission trip! That is our free gift to you and we hope it helps you process everything well. What often happens to people on mission trips Mission trips are amazing in that they simply deliver on what they promise. These trips offer perspective, adventure, real…
Christopher Morris
February 25, 2020
Leader Vlog Cover Thumbnail ImagesLeadership

Staying focused with Team Members (Patience)

February's Leader VLOG is out Now! Lots of trips planned for 2020 so far and it doesn't seem to be stopping. That means there are a lot of opportunities to make an impact with teams from all across the country! Saundra Dunn continues the discussion on "What questions do you ask so that you can connect with your team"? This time we are…
Saundra Dunn
February 13, 2020
Distant city on a mission tripMission Trips

Open short term mission trips that you can jump on today

How many of us have been on a mission trip or have been involved in sending another person? Do you remember those stories? Stories of beautiful places and cultures. Accounts of the most precious people worshiping as you had never seen before. What about the stories of personal change? Stepping out of one's comfort zone and speaking in front of a crowd. Praying with a complete stranger with…
Christopher Morris
February 6, 2020
Leader Vlog Cover Thumbnail ImagesLeadership

Asking the Right Questions

First VLOG for the In Motion Leaders Vlog and Blog Section You're in on it! Thanks for being a part of the team and being Leaders at In Motion. In this edition we are looking at: Asking questions to dig deeper with team members Knowing what our questions are doing inside the head of the other person. Are they confused,…
Saundra Dunn
January 14, 2020
Leader Vlog Cover Thumbnail ImagesLeadership

Leader VLOG Introduction by Saundra Dunn

2 Things - Please Read These videos will be sent to you through your email, Facebook group, and text group which will all point to the VLOG on the website. Everywhere you click, it should take us all to the same place to engage with each other. This works best if you comment and reply to these videos so that…
Saundra Dunn
January 14, 2020

Depressed? Anxious? Wanting “out” of it all?

Do I sound like an info-mercial?   Smile. Just think of one little thing to smile about.   Then read on…   Do not fret. Do not have anxiety about anything. (I know…easier said than done these days – but possible!) Rather, be thankful and then lay out all of your concerns and fears and anxious thoughts. You can do…
Saundra Dunn
January 13, 2020
A New Year by Seth Dunn at In Motion MinistriesHappening at IMM

A New Year – Short Term Missions Organization

As 2020 begins, this thing I know, God loves you and His eyes are on YOU! This year, this day, God looks at you and wants one thing. YOU! He wants to know you, to relate with you, to bless you, to live with you and cause you to live! In fact, give this some thought… Jesus died and rose again for one reason: that you might live (John 3:16 and John…
Seth Dunn
January 2, 2020

2020 Short Term Mission Trips

We are going to 3 countries with 6 trips (more are liable to come in after the holidays) and one domestic trip. France (2) and Costa Rica (3) are the hot spots so far. It's a fun part of the missions' season We have been in talks with many great individuals representing some very solid groups about the 2020 Missions'…
Christopher Morris
December 23, 2019
a Clean Water Project Logo for In Motion MinistriesHappening at IMMMission Trips

A Clean Water Project for 2020

As is the case with every New Year, there usually sits in front of us so many new possibilities for the coming year. It has always been a time of reflection and looking back on what has happened. This is a healthy trait for people to audit what has happened to them over the year. And with that reflection, it…
Christopher Morris
December 19, 2019