Leader VLOG #9!

Today’s thought is something we could literally dialogue on for hours.

If we desire to be disciples of God, we have been given a commission. It doesn’t require that we be ordained ministers who have attended seminary. Instead, it is simply a key part of the disciple’s walk with God and our call to make a difference in our world.

As many of you know, I have spent a good part of the last twenty-five years traveling on and helping facilitate ministry through short-term missions. I have chosen to do this, one, because at a young age I felt a strong call on my heart toward short-term missions and, two, because it was my way of responding to the commission put forth in Matthew 28.

Matthew 28:19 says, “Go therefore…”

What does it say after that? Many people would respond that we are supposed to go and preach the gospel. But what Matthew 28:19 actually says is to, “go therefore, and make disciples…”

  • So what does it mean to make a disciple?
  • Is there a difference between being a believer and being a disciple?
  • Is being a disciple a status or a choice, with action?


This is the 9th ‘In Motion Ministries Leader VLOG’ (Video Blog), where we talk about allowing different perspectives and voices into our lives, including the most important voice, God’s.

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  10. To be released – Are you good on camera and have some leadership acumen you want to share? See the email below and ask Kenzie to set this up at the next IMLT or sometime you’re in the Greeley area.

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