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Ready for a good time of discussion concerning leadership? What do you say?

Thank you, Saundra Dunn, for another great video and some wonderful prompts for thought. This week, the topic is Knowing when to not. It will make plenty of sense here in a moment.

Watch the video, find the question, then scroll to the bottom and answer the question in the comments. Participation is key because your views and thoughts are what make the leadership program so powerful for many others.

On this go ’round we discuss the ability to quiet down and let people have the room to make their decision amidst uncertainty. Saundra Dunn with In Motion Ministries is excited about this VLOG series and we hope that can take these thoughts and directly apply them to your life and leadership.

Do you remember the story of the rich man who came to Jesus.

What must I do to be saved?” he asked in certain terms.

“Sell everything and follow me,” was the response back.

The story ends with a young man walking away sad and unchanged. That is an uncomfortable line because we don’t see Jesus grabbing his arm as he walks away sad but rather, he lets the hard truth settle.

We, as leaders, would try to fix almost any situation and not allow for those uncomfortable moments. It is so easy to want everything to go smoothly, for people to get just enough of what they want that they aren’t complain-y.

Giving space to connect their hearts with God’s heart and to take care of what they need to do is vital, although awkward at times. Sometimes we get in the way when we try to fix the situation and make the other person ‘happy’ or comfortable.

Question: When do you decide when you’re going to ‘help’ and when you’re going to let them be?

Sometimes you will say things that are true, right, and helpful but you need to let those things sit; even if it is uncomfortable. Don’t just try to smooth it over (also don’t be mean) and make them forget the hard truths they should encounter. Now, there is a line, because we don’t want to be the ‘always serious’ leader that lets no fun and laughter slip through at a prompt joke.

Question: How strong is that urge for you?

To fix situations when they get uncomfortable and awkward?

This is the 5th ‘In Motion Ministries Leader VLOG’ (Video Blog) where we take into consideration what it takes to be an effective leader on the mission field and beyond. Mission trips are a very unique situation to be a leader. In Motion has trained leaders for years in how to lead short term mission trips in various countries. If you are curious about leading trips yourself visit our leadership page

Reread the questions above and consider them for a while.

We love and appreciate our In Motion family and are praying for you during these strange times. Again, answer these Questions for the month. Answer broadly, specifically, amply, or however you best want to. Scroll down to the bottom to leave a comment.

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